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Case Study Analysis- Brannigan Foods

Project Description:

<p>Case Analysis (Prep-work)</p> <p>Due: Weeks 2-7</p> <p>Weighting: 30%</p> <p>We will analyse ten cases during the session. You will write up prep-work for the ten cases we</p> <p>will discuss the case in seminar. Your lowest two case marks will be dropped; your best eight will</p> <p>be retained.</p> <p>Prior to the case, you need to write up a brief (500 word) discussion of the following points:</p> <p>• Analyse the one or two main issues or problems you see in the case</p> <p>• Explain how you would remedy the above issues or problems</p> <p>You are recommended to use those above two dot-points as headings in your write up. Bullet</p> <p>points are appreciated. A strong recommendation is made to look at the textbook chapters for</p> <p>the topic and incorporate the frameworks presented.</p> <p>The 500 word length is strictly enforced. At the bottom of all case write ups, put in the word</p> <p>count. The lecturer/marker will stop reading prep-work case write ups at 500 words.</p> <p>The purpose of the prep-work is prepare students for oral participation during the seminar case</p> <p>discussion, therefore, it doesn't make sense to prepare a case when one fails to attend the</p> <p>associated discussion. If one does not attend the case discussion, the associated prep-work</p> <p>mark will be zero.</p> <p>Late assessments: No extensions will be granted. Student who have not submitted the task prior</p> <p>to the deadline will be awarded a mark of 0 for the case except for situations in which an</p> <p>application for disruption of studies is made and approved.</p> <p>Approved disruptions of study: No additional assessed work will be required. The weighting given</p> <p>to the other cases will be increased accordingly.</p> <p>This Assessment Task relates to the following Learning Outcomes:</p> <p>• Demonstrate problem-definition skills in ambiguous marketing strategy situations (that is,</p> <p>to know when there is a problem and how to identify it).</p> <p>• Apply problem solving processes to design appropriate and well-considered solutions to</p> <p>contextualised marketing strategy cases (that is, to solve real marketing strategy</p> <p>problems).</p> <p> </p>

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